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The Current Crisis for Girls

Hour 1: Young people certainly face many challenges these days, but what are the special issues faced by girls and young women as they come of age in the 21st Century? We’ll talk this hour with family physician and psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax. His new book is “Girls on the Edge: The Four Factors Driving the New Crisis for Girls” (Basic Books, 2011).

  • Denette

    I really appreciated this program. It is my mission as a therapist in the Dallas area to children and families to empower parents to step to the parenting job rather than believing they need to be their child’s best friend. The specific recommendations are so helpful in giving parents the tools they need to do their job! Denette Mann, Animal-assisted play therapist

  • Marie

    Absolutely right on target!  Thanks for this parent affirming show that we are all yearning for!

  • Cgenierun

    Very intereting program.  what is the software he refers to at the end, that monitors the photos taken on your child’s phone?

  • KERA

    Cgenierun, that software is My Mobile Watchdog –  

  • Tim Fisher

    Great show.  Sax betrays his biases, but is pretty funny when he does.  His Twilight rant had me rolling.  

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