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Getting Kids Unstuck

Hour 2: What’s the best way to revitalize classrooms and challenge and inspire students to be successful? We’ll spend this hour with educator Ron Clark whose new book is “The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck–101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers” (Touchstone, 2011).

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    Another great Krys Boyd interview with someone who is making a difference somewhere on Earth. 

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  • Jacqueline Marie

    This was such an inspirational show today!  I’m not a teacher, I don’t even have any of my own children, but I was so moved by the interview that I called a teacher friend of mine and told her to try to make it to the lecture at Barnes & Noble tonight and then I decided I had to have the book and so did she so I bought a couple of copies.  I am 48 years old and I don’t have many fond memories of my learning experiences as a youngster in school, and I’ve managed fine, BUT, I can only imagine how my life might have turned out had I had even one teacher as enthusiastic as Mr. Clark.  (I love that he admitted to having to fake some mornings until things get rolling with the day.)  Bravo!!  Bravo!!! 

  • Judi Bradetich

    I only heard part of this, and wished I could have heard the whole interview. Sounded great! Any chance for a transcript?

  • Wrubinedu

    Thanks, Krys, for a very interesting show with Ron Clark. I am a second career teacher with M.Ed.s is special education and educational administration. I am a practitioner of PBIS ( which aligns with the behavior management environment system that Ron Clark described in your interview on Monday. It works. I know because I do the social and classroom environment things Mr. Clark described every day. Mr. Clark is implementing lots of best practices from current educational research nearly all of which can be found in publications searchable in the ERIC database ( – a huge compendium of peer reviewed published papers and focused educational journals. I applaud Mr. Clark for his passion and dedication. I wish more teachers would implement what research teaches us. Alas, many educational professional who I know are stuck doing the same thing(s) for decades no matter how students, parents, and communities change. For me, this is THE problem with primary and secondary education. Old dogs don’t want to learn new tricks. They are able. They just don’t want to.

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  • Barbara Rupp

    Such an inspiring interview. Love that he had no intention of becoming a teacher’s role model. If more teachers would listen to his ideas, our students would not feel like they are “stuck” leaning. They would want to be at school, learning. I have been fortunate with my children that there has only been a couple teachers in their lives who have been ready to retire but not yet inspired to do so.

  • Barbara Rupp

    I truly enjoyed listening to this interview. He is very upbeat, and speaks so positively about life in general. Thank you for sharing this !

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