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Our Future in Afghanistan

Hour 2: With the 2011 “fighting season” well underway in Afghanistan, what is the state of the war there and what is the future outlook for U.S. involvement? We’ll spend this hour with former State Department official Matthew Hoh, who resigned his position in 2009 in protest of U.S. strategy in the country. Now director of The Afghanistan Study Group, Hoh will address the Dallas Peace Center tomorrow evening.

  • Anonymous

    If your guest ever thought the war was about Al kida, stopping global terrorism, etc, then he had bought into the “we’re America, we’re the greatest, how dare they” jingoistic rhetoric that they wanted you to buy. It’s about what all foreign wars have been about-natural resources (Vietnam rubber, Mid-East oil, etc.) and geo-political instability so OUR allies are in control in the region to further OUR interests, usually financial based, and usually big corporate based. If there is a war, somebody is making money on it.

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