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Retirement Woes

Hour 1: What is behind the steady decline in health benefits and retirement pensions for American workers? We’ll talk this hour with Wall Street Journal investigative reporter Ellen E. Schultz who has been covering the issue for over a decade. Her new book on the subject is “Retirement Heist: How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers” (Portfolio, 2011).

  • Carolswilson

    I enjoyed what this guest had to say. I learned a lot.

    Carol Wilson

  • Barb Vandermark

    My sister and I were talking about this very thing on Sunday. At that point we hadn’t heard about the book, but were just reacting to the long series of stories, both on the news and from people we know.  And then there you are, so on top of what’s on the mind of your listeners.  Chris, you and your crew are amazing and so appreciated, especially in these terrible times.

    Barb Vandermark

    P.S.  Of course, I will be buying Retirement Heist.  What a wonderful present for my very hard to buy for sister!

  • Al

    Awesome show.  Very interesting and informative.  I’m waiting on the audio to become available and I’m buying the book.  
    The only issue with (the program) “Think” is the time of day it airs – right when most folks are at lunch – either at their desks on grabbing some “junk” food.  It’s a pity that this excellent program does not air at a more available time of day.

  • MarySue Foster

    I am re-listening now — only caught part of the show yesterday.

    Think is consistently good radio. Thanks, Chris.

  • dsmithcsep

    It is rebroadcast on KERA at 9 PM  and 10 CST on KERA (  You can listen via internet.

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