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Living Longer and Better

Hour 2: Would you want to live to be one hundred years old? We’ll spend this hour with Dr. Laura L. Carstensen, founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and author of “A Long Bright Future: Happiness, Health, and Financial Security in an Age of Increased Longevity” (PublicAffairs, Paperback, 2011). Dr. Carstensen will speak at the UT Dallas Center for Vital Longevity in collaboration with the UTD Center for Values this evening.

  • Katanpe2

    What I believe that much of this “raise the retirement age” talk is related to our unhealthy view of leisure time. Many of us are fortunate to have jobs we love, but for others it is 40 or more hours spent doing work that is not fulfilling. We as a nation have less vacation time than most of the workforce in developed countries. Many of us look to retirement as finally the time when we can do the things we just don’t have time for. We don’t “have to” work longer; we may choose to work longer. The problem with our current economy would actually benefit from making retirement easier and freeing up positions for younger workers–if we weren’t so obsessed with making people work longer.

  • LaNeisa

    This was a timely and informative show.  Her encouragment seemed heartfelt and based in truth.  Thanks for this perspective.

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