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The Battle against IEDs

Hour 1: Just how deadly have Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) become and what is being done to combat them? We’ll talk this hour with Harper’s Magazine contributor Andrew Cockburn. His current piece is “Search and Destroy: The Pentagon’s Losing Battle against IEDs”.

  • Robin

    Hello, Thanks for the great and very insightful show. I have one question and I really hope you can help me with it. What exactly is the name of the Sergeant spoken of in the piece, at 10:40 his name is said, is it Tana Chavez? I googled his name and his rank, Marine Master Sergeant, but nothing came up and I searched for half an hour. The aurthor’s article on Harper’s website can only be seen if a subscriber.
    Some story and shame how the Marine in question didn’t get the medal his immediate superior recommended him for.
    Thanks again, Robin

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