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Finding Comfort

Hour 1: Where do you find comfort? We’ll explore that question and the constant human cycle between tranquility and struggle this hour with Father Brett C. Hoover, a member of the Paulist Fathers order and author of the new book “Comfort: An Atlas for the Body and Soul” (Riverhead Trade, 2011).

  • Jennifer Beck

    I love the concept of the “fog of comfort” where we become so comfortable that we do not hear the cries of help of others…or ignore the needs of others.  It is a spiritual challenge to enjoy life and what you have, yet still offer a hand in help.  Often, this process throws life off-balance for a bit. There is so much need in the world, it can be overwhelming.   I also totally love Father Brett’s mother’s definition of comfort:  Whatever makes you feel good when you feel bad.  We all need to know what those things are…and notice which ones are healthy and which hurt us (overindulgence in food,alcohol, visiting, working).  I love comfort and I am for short suffering, not long suffering.  For me comfort = less suffering in the world and more empathy.  It can be a s simple as smiling at the tired grocery store clerk.  During the darkness of winter, we need to offer warmth to each other.

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