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The Current Crisis for Girls

Hour 2:           From the archives – Young people certainly face many challenges these days, but what are the special issues faced by girls and young women as they come of age in the 21st Century? We talked last summer with family physician and psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax. His most recent book is “Girls on the Edge: The Four Factors Driving the New Crisis for Girls” (Basic Books, 2011).


  • Martin

    This is a fascinating topic. I’ve thought for some time that there is a crisis of manhood in the U.S. Boys have to be taught what it means to be men, and to know that they have a calling on their life, so they search for fulfillment in more than video games and pornography. This will help girls grow up knowing that they can count on men to be leaders and providers for their family.

  • Northtexaspsych

    As a professional who has taught college psychology for years it is my opinion that there are few in the field willing, able, or who desire to contradict the status quo.  This discussion displays logic that has been ignored and sidestepped for far too long.  Not only does Dr. Leonard Sax present a polished and reasonable argument, utilizing contemporary analogous themes to convey his points, but deflects organized attempts to trivialize his perspectives intelligently.   

    Notwithstanding, Krys Boyd, host of “Think”, deserves exceptional credit for her handling of the interview.  Boyd, a self-professed feminist, considered and controlled her responses to themes traditionally the rallying cry of so call gender-feminists.   

    In one segment, a caller attempted to assert that people are all the same since they desire to feel good.  However, Dr. Sax was quick to note that in essence that is a meaningless statement, since how we derive pleasure differs, having a genetic component.  

    This is substantially meaningful since it strongly suggests that genders have differing needs that are not equal.  Perhaps improved cohesiveness, harmony and fairness based on actual needs is one important message of this gem of an interview.

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