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An American Family in Hitler’s Berlin

Hour 2: From the archives – What did Hitler’s rise to power mean for Americans working in 1930s Berlin? We’ll look back this hour to 1933 and the experiences of U.S. Ambassador to Germany William E. Dodd with bestselling nonfiction author Erik Larson, who visited the show last May when he was in town to address the Dallas Museum of Art’s Arts & Letters Live series. His most recent book is “In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin” (Crown, 2011).

  • Sammy Houston

    I listened to a re-broadcast of this interview with Erik Larson.  The American Ambassador to Germany in 1933,  William E. Dodd, when Hitler was rising to power saw the potential Evil and Insanity of Hitler.  Ambassador Dodd tried to warn the US State Department of what he saw and the replied “Just collect the Billion Dollars Germany Owes us.  Dodd saw the real danger, some American Intelligence saw the Danger before 9/11 and the “Higher-Ups Refused to Listen and act appropriately.

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