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American Sniper – A Conversation with Chris Kyle

Hour 1:           We’re all familiar with many of the basic war-fighting approaches that the U.S. military has used over the last decade. But what are some of the strategies that we don’t often hear about and what’s it like to be virtually alone on the battlefield? We’ll spend this hour with retired Navy SEAL Chief Chris Kyle, who recounts his 10 year career in the new book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History” (William Morrow, 2012).

  • Abc123

    many marine snipers who served with SEAL Kyle are calling him a bold face liar

  • Lindaleclaire

    I listened to this broadcast in utter amazement. There are so many ways the military has helped us that we can’t even begin to imagine. During the discussion Chris mentioned an organization where we can donate gently used gym equipment for our vets to use in there homes. I have some equipment that I’d like them to consider. How do I get in touch with them? I bet there are others who are interested in donating as well. Look forward to a response soon.

    Thanks again for these programs as they are a great contributor to my knowledge base.


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