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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Hour 2:           What’s the best way to rear children? Every parent wants to do best by their kids, but whose method is correct and who should decide? Our guest this hour, Yale law professor Amy Chua, ignited a firestorm of debate last year with the release of her book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” We’ll spend this hour with Chua, who speaks at Authors Live at Highland Park United Methodist Church this evening. Her book is now out in paperback.

  • Felix Castro

    Reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother turned me on to Amy Chua’s other book, World on Fire which I recommend to anyone interested in how globalization affects our lives.

  • Linda

    I disagree with the caller who said that parents cant take credit when our children grow up to win the Nobel prize nor can they take the blame when they are arrested.  Our American culture could benefit from adopting the attitude of the East in that, what you do personally reflects on your parents and the entire family.  There is a conscience in the East that we lost a long time ago. I do not expect my child to live to impress or please me, but she has behavior standards that are communicated to her in such a way that she understands her responsibility to herself first and then to her family. 

  • Kaffiends

    I think people tend to forget how much work it is to keep children on task. Sometimes it feels like a constant battle, but limiting my kids computer time, cell phone use, and gaming feels completely right. I too try to emphasize that my children can do so much more with their strengths.

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