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Conflict Resolution and Transformational Change

Hour 2:           Will there ever be a way forward in Israeli-Palestinian relations and how can acknowledgement and respect of the other side in any conflict lead to more positive change? We’ll spend this hour with Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder and publisher of Tikkun Magazine. Lerner will speak this evening to the Dallas Peace Center.

  • Len-Ellis

    For thousands of years, conflict in the region has been a way of life, an “accepted” way of life.  As Buckminister Fuller taught us, if you want to bring about change, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.  This is what Rabbi Lerner has indeed done, provided us, the world, with a new model that provides for a peaceful existence between Israelis and Palestinians. Now it is up to US to own and promote this model; change can only come from each and every one of us.  Peace begins with ME!

  • listener

    With deepest respect to the rabbi his ‘plan’ is unfortunately a naive one. With the history of violence, of bus bombings of random attacks and out right assault on each other there is absolutely no chance of peace in this torn nation. We cannot achieve a joined loving partnership because there is no chance of this generation or the next forgetting the atrocities carried on by each other. We do not need a cordial familial relationship – we need a good divorce.

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