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When Women Return from Combat

Hour 1:           What challenges do women veterans face as they transition from active duty and life in combat zones to civilian life back home? We’ll spend this hour with retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Kim Olson. She’s now President and CEO of Grace After Fire, an organization that helps women veterans gain knowledge, insight and self-renewal.

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    Everything you said made so much sense – - positive action for returning, getting jobs plus available training , opportunities, and resources and especially for women.  I’m a flt attendant who has had many servicemen and women on my ftls coming and going.  I have felt a sense of dread for their future for the media [that I have seen] has painted a depressive picture of what they have to face when they come home.  Now I have a way to have a conversation that’s encouraging Thank you for your service Kim Olsen! 

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