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The Future of Education

Hour 2:           Do we share an ethical responsibility to ensure that high quality education is available to all? We’ll explore the roles we can all play this hour with Regina Nippert, director of the Center on Communities and Education at SMU’s Simmons School of Education & Human Development, Professor Rita Kirk, director of SMU’s Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility, and Todd Williams, an education philanthropist and executive director of Commit! They all participated in the first of a series of “From Your Block to the Boardroom” conversations at SMU last week.

  • redjacketlady

    I’m so excited you are doing this show!  As a recent graduate of Leadership DISD, I am excited about the oppotunities that are opening up for our children.  As more and more Dallasites become aware of just what is going on (and can be offered) in our schools, I hope that more of us will dive in and give a hand.

    Many, many thanks to your guests! 

  • Bret Wooten

    Chris, Thank you so much for doing the show and bringing on the caliber of experts that you did. This is exactly the kind of conversation that needs to happen in Texas. Actual experts talking about real and concrete ways forward. Thank you to all of you.

  • Lchasteler

    This discussion is simply a microcosm of the problems that plague our schools.  Pretty sound bites, vague ideas, no plan of action, no action, always wanting more money to throw at the problem … I am weary from listening to the “heads” talk and talk and talk and …

  • GCBon

    Even if I did not consider education an ethical responsibility, I would still have to support free education for all. Neither our system of government nor our economic system can prosper without an educated populace.

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