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Engineering Progress for Women in Science

Hour 2:           Why are there so few tenured female scientists and engineers on the faculties of elite American institutions? We’ll discuss the current professional climate for women in the sciences this hour with Sue V. Rosser, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology at San Francisco State University. Her new book is “Breaking into the Lab: Engineering Progress for Women in Science” (NYU Press, 2012).

  • Kay Merkel Boruff

    Sue, BRAVO! I’m eager to read BREAKING INTO THE LAB. At The Hockaday School in Dallas, an alum Lyda Hill recently gave $20 million to the school. I believe this is the largest gift by a living alumnae to a girls’ school. [ I think the number is correct.] Thanks for your work in women’s & gender studies. After teaching for 38 years at Hockaday, I’m convinced that when 50% politicians & 50% CEOs & 50% scientists are women, waste will be at a minium.  

    Again, thanks, Krys, for a great show.
    Kay Merkel Boruff

  • Outofplane

    I am a tenured full professor and am interested in learning what we can do to increase the number of male mentors even as we increase the number of female faculty. I am one of 2 full professors in the College of Engineering at my school and this is not uncommon among other schools

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