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Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails

Hour 2:           How does a war veteran and author come to terms with his success and his fragmented and dysfunctional family? We’ll talk this hour with Anthony Swofford, bestselling author of “Jarhead” which also became a successful film directed by Sam Mendes. His new book is “Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails: A Memoir” (Twelve, 2012).

  • Don

    Great interview. However, it reflects a sad commentary on humanity that to have a really “authentic” experience in life we have to engage in war and combat. We can, and SHOULD, have our authentic experiences outside the battlefield and war experiences. Mankind needs to manifest and enjoy profound, authentic experiences in sports, business, academia, and in the family setting, and stop this glorification of war and combat with its awful costs on so many levels, Don Conry 

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