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General, News Releases No Comments on MEDIA ALERT: THE TEXAS DEBATES: RACE FOR U.S. SENATE 25

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 5:45 P.M., Friday, June 22, 2012

Ted Cruz vs. David Dewhurst

CONFIRMING ALL SATELLITE COORDINATES LISTED BELOW ARE CORRECT FOR TONIGHT’S LIVE DEBATE.  Any technical questions regarding the satellite feed should be directed to the Univision Satellite Room at the following telephone numbers:




WHAT: U.S. Senate Debate between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst

WHEN: 8:00 p.m. June 22, 2012 CDT

WHERE: KERA Studios, 3000 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX, 75201 (Media Only)

SATELLITE: Satellite up one hour prior to broadcast with slate

Program in time: begins at 8:00:00 p.m. CDT; Program out time: 8:57:00 p.m. CDT


AMC-1 C16




Roll off 25%

HD-H264 [email protected] 4.1(1920×1080)

Symbol rate 6.8 Msps

Datarate 19 Mbps

Uplink freq.      6258.500

Downlink freq.    4033.500


PBS Schedule SD06 Parameters: SD SCPC
Satellite AMC-21
Transponder 23
Uplink Frequency: 14469 MHz
Uplink Polarity: Vertical
Downlink Frequency: 12169 MHz
L-Band Frequency: 1419 MHz
Downlink Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 4.444 MSps
Encoding MPEG2
Modulation: DVBS QPSK
FEC Rate: ¾
MPEG Service #: 11
Video PID: 177
PCR PID: 177
Audio Service PID 1: 180
Audio Service PID 2: 181
Chroma Sub-sampling: 4:2:0

TV FEED: Feed will be delivered in high definition digital format, self contained with graphics. Bug on lower left, no bug on lower right. Audio feed program left on channel 1, program right on channel 2, mono sum on channel 3 and SAP on channel 4.

PUBLIC RADIO STATIONS: Available via Content Depot, live stream with subsequent file transfer. More information at contentdepot.prss,org.

TSN AFFILIATES: Please contact Raul Jaurequi with TSN for channel assignments at (214) 525-7223 or by

email at [email protected].

ALL OTHER RADIO: A 64kbps mp3 web stream will be available for stations to use at:

SET UP: Mult box for on-site reporters for post-debate Q&A. No live audio/video feed of the program will be available on site.

INTERNET: Wi-Fi available on site

PHOTOS: AP pool photographer will capture all official debate photos; no photographers allowed in the studio.

Q&A: Candidates will be available for question and answer period following the debate. Video and still photography allowed.


Media should plan to arrive at KERA for set-up no later than 7:30 p.m. and will be able to watch the debate live from a pressroom, but will NOT be allowed access to the studio. Media will have an opportunity to interview candidates after the debate concludes. Media will pre-register their attendance no later than noon on June 21, 2012, with Christopher Wagley at [email protected] or (214) 740-9377. All members of the media must present press credentials or other picture ID and proof of assignment to enter the building. The KERA Studios are located at 3000 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, 75201 (entrance on Harwood). Satellite trucks and microwave vans should be parked on Harwood Street. Directions are available at

The Texas Debates will originate from the studios of KERA TV Channel 13 in Dallas and will be distributed to commercial and public radio and television stations statewide as a public service, courtesy of the Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB). Stations have the option of taking the broadcast live or delaying it. The television broadcast will be available in English and Spanish and will be closed captioned. The television broadcast can be heard in Spanish on the SAP channel of the debate feed. Real-time translation and closed captioning are also provided by TAB, a service it has contributed for broadcast debates since 1998. Spanish language translation of the debate will be streamed online after broadcast at The Texas Debates is produced by KERA in partnership with Univision Texas, The Texas Tribune, Houston-Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News, Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB), Texas State Networks and the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas. More information about The Texas Debates: Race for U.S. Senate is available at Full program press release available at