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The Prehistory of Home

Hour 2:           How did human beings develop the concept of “home” and what do our dwellings say about us and our view of the world? We’ll talk this hour with Jerry D. Moore, Professor of Anthropology at California State University and author of “The Prehistory of Home” (University of California Press, 2012).

  • Brenda from Hurst

    As the funerary function of the “parlor” (where the deceased were often laid out prior to burial) shifted to an actual off-site “funeral parlor,” did we shift from calling it a parlor to a LIVING room?

  • Jerry Moore

    Hello Brenda,
    As I understand it, the parlor simply was dropped from the basic architectural plan.  You might look at T. Logan’s The Victorian Parlour (Cambridge University Press) and C. Clark’s The American Family Home, 1800 – 1960 (Univ. of N. Carolina Press), sources I used in The Prehistory of Home.  Thanks for the comment.
    Jerry Moore

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