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A Celebration of Ramadan

Hour 2:           For many of us who have no idea, what is it like to celebrate Ramadan? We’ll get an interesting take this hour from Reverend Wes Magruder, Senior Associate Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Rowlett. Magruder is observing the fast along with his friend and colleague Imam Yaseen Shaikh of the Islamic Association of Collin County. Yaseen will also join us for the hour.

  • mavleslie

    Krys –

    I really enjoyed this conversation today.  Thank you for bringing such interesting people into my life.

    Mary Ann Leslie

  • Rebhi

    Very intriguing discussion. I am impressed by Reverend Magruder’s courage to explore other religions by practicing and direct interaction and  not only by reading from books.  
     Thank you.

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