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Life After Wounded Knee

Riders take a break during a day of activities to mark the 1876 defeat of Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer. © Aaron Huey

Hour 1:           What has become of the tribal customs, language, and beliefs of the Oglala Lakota people of the pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota? We’ll talk this hour with journalist and author Alexandra Fuller. Her current National Geographic Magazine cover story is “Life After Wounded Knee.”

  • Jan

    Ms. Boyd, thank you for having Ms. Fuller on your program today. I am non-Indian and have spent some time with several of the Southern Plains Indians in the last 30 years.  Ms. Fuller spoke of reading a lot of literature and histories prior to and during her involvement with the Black Hills Indians.  Her reverence of the culture is welcome and gives a good perspective of how to get on with Indians. Her grounded history and comments current to the peoples of our Domestic Nations is enlightening. I hope you can have similar programs in the future that further explore the Native cultures. Sincerely, Jan in Fort Worth TX

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