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The Rise of the Creative Class – Revisited

Hour 1:           Can a creative approach help mend our country’s troubled economy and the financial and political divides that plague our society? We’ll talk this hour with Richard Florida, director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and author of the book “The Rise of the Creative Class–Revisited: 10th Anniversary Edition–Revised and Expanded” (Basic Books, 2012).

  • Kay Merkel Boruff

    Thanks, Richard for a positive note on the creative spirit of America. [retired teacher 43 years] I agree.

  • dday

    Two points: 1. If we all agree to pay a little more, we’re all better off – no doubt – but easier said than done, especially since we are now a fully conditioned and commodified society completel removed from the concept of making things (very different than the late 1930s). 2. Mr. Florida fails to recognize that we live in a society of fixed margins. Most of us employers cannot simply pay more salary. Consider how many small business were affected by the credit crunch in 2008 – 2009. Many went belly up. It’s a fine line for MOST small and medium sized businesses. To simply pay more – especially to a bored, marginally educated, wholly unmotivated work force – would not bring enough value to the business to justify the expense.

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