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The Costs of Food Waste

Hour 1:           What’s the value of the food we throw away? According to a new report form the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans are wasting billions of dollars worth of food and the resources used to produce it every year. We’ll talk this hour with Dana Gunders, Food and Agriculture Project Scientist at the NRDC and author of “Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill.”

  • Donna M – Grapevine

    good topic, boy, am I guilty of wasting food! My challenge as a working mother with 2 adult children still living at home who cook for themselves is to try to gauge how much do I buy for 3 different cooks. I also go to school so I have very little time to actually cook a lot, but I have grand ideas when I’m in the produce isle. since I’ve become more realistic about my time and still to just basic staples, my grocery bills and waste have gone down dramatically.

  • Melissai

    Was listening to the show on the way home from the grocery store. Got home and my fresh raspberries were so-so. So decided to use my freezer and save for smoothies later where I can sweeten them up. Thanks so much for reminding me what my mother and grandmother would do.

  • Ron B. Fort Worth.

    Another great topic. The one common theme of all your shows are great questions asked to your guest.

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