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Access to Women’s Health Care

Hour 2:           How important is healthcare for women to the welfare of the nation? We’ll spend this hour with women’s health advocate Sandra Fluke. Fresh off her appearance at the Democratic National Convention, Fluke will deliver the talk “Economics and Equality: How Obstacles to Women’s Health Care Access Affect Us All” this evening at Southern Methodist University.

  • StrongTxGal

    What a FANTASTIC interview!!! I am dismayed that so many want to bury their heads in the sand and not discuss this. This is SO important to women and families. It’s not right that insurance companies can exclude coverage of contraception, women’s healthcare and maternity coverage. How can we say we believe in family values when we treat women as 2nd class citizens? Sandra was so eloquent. Keep up the great work!

  • Gregorio Pastorfide

    I would like to commend Sandra Fluke for speaking up about how important the topic of Women’s Health is. Seriously, these things should be covered in insurance or medical policies!

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