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Defending Americans’ Right to Vote

Hour 1:       How do current voter ID laws compare to earlier, 20th Century efforts designed to deny the right to vote to certain populations? We’ll talk this hour with Tova Andrea Wang, Senior Democracy Fellow at Demos, Fellow at The Century Foundation, and author of the new book “The Politics of Voter Suppression: Defending and Expanding Americans’ Right to Vote” (Cornell University Press, 2012).



  • TriciaB

    loved the talk today

  • Christopher Graves

    While there is a legal right to vote, there is no natural right to vote. This is so because voting involves collective decision-making that can authorize government to violate the rights of the individual. For example, if poor people are able to vote, it is very likely they will vote for governmental redistribution programs that violate members of the middle-class’ and upper class’ right to property. We should consider moving back to restrictions on who can vote so that only those who are more likely to vote for the common good are legally empowered to vote.

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