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Micro Robots: Snapshots of the Future

Hour 2:           What will the future bring to everyday life? We’ll explore advances in the day-to-day technology we all use this hour – from micro robots to plastics made of sugar – with David Pogue, New York Times technology reporter and host of the PBS series “Nova Science Now.”

Pogue will appear with Krys Boyd, Host of Think, tonight at Southern Methodist University’s Hughes-Trigg Student Center. For more on the event hosted by KERA, click here.


  • Mary A

    What a wonderful gift to the world of science you are, David! I just love Nova ScienceNow and hearing you on the radio was a real treat.

  • Mmartikka

    Think, Kris, Jeff and David Poke outdid themselves! Gosh how fun! I am amazed every day by the inteligent discussions and the variety of topics….so grateful for your work and professionalism. thank you.

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