• Xmas Movie

    Holiday Movies

    What are the hot holiday movies this season? Which ones have you already seen and what did you think?

  • Robert Graysmith

    The Original Tom Sawyer

    Who was the namesake of Mark Twain’s famous character Tom Sawyer and what was his life like in the San Francisco of the 1850s and 1860s?

  • Louder Than Words

    How The Mind Makes Meaning

    How do our minds make sense of the world around us and how might the different ways our brains work lead to new understandings of language, psychology, and neuroscience?

  • Lesli Rotenberg

    Kid's Media Today

    How can parents navigate the ever-widening array of digital entertainment and educational choices for their kids?

  • Davy Rothbart

    The Nature Of The Heart

    What makes falling in love so attractive that many of us do it again and again? We’ll talk this hour with Davy Rothbart.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson And Power

    How did Thomas Jefferson manage to inspire his colleagues to action, learn from his failures, and still succeed and what can we glean from his methods today?

  • George Church

    Reinventing Nature And Ourselves

    What will happen when we’re able to alter the genetic code of plants, animals, and even ourselves to outsmart diseases, reduce waste, and create new sources of energy?

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