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The Abolitionists

Hour 2:           Why did some Americans risk their lives working to end slavery when so many others didn’t? We’ll examine the environment that led to the Civil War and more this hour with John Stauffer, Professor of English and African American Studies at Harvard University. He is also a participant in the American Experience series “The Abolitionists” which premieres on PBS this evening.

  • Cary Bass

    The NYT article referring to the calamity for Freedmen right after abolition ( was NOT talking about how freedmen would have been better off as slaves, as it tended to be characterized on today’s show. What it discussed was that the lack of forethought and transitional programs available to the newly emancipated created a humanitarian disaster that could have been avoided. Thus, without independent living skills or access to healthcare, many were forced to go back “home”, and one hundred years of the dubious sharecropper system ensued.

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