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Coping With A Life-Changing Injury

Hour 1:           How would you cope with a life-changing injury that forced you to relearn how to do virtually everything? We’ll talk this hour with Ashok Rajamani, author of the new memoir “The Day My Brain Exploded: A True Story” (Algonquin Books, 2013).

  • Kay Merkel Boruff

    Ashok, I’m eager to read THE DAY MY BRAIN EXPLODED. I volunteer at the VA Hospital in Dallas and teach computer skills & creative writing in the Veteran Recovery Center. Several of my students are living with brain trauma. Good luck with your journey . . . on the “write” track.

  • bob

    I went through this at 11 yrs old. I spent about 60 days recovering Back then they couldn’t do much spinal tap. It is still there this thing I call the monster in my head at 66 yrs old.

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