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The Nature Of Acceptance

Hour 2:         How do children learn to adapt when their families fall apart? We’ll talk this hour with Leigh Newman, deputy editor and head of books coverage for She tells her story in the new memoir “Still Points North: One Alaskan Childhood, One Grown-up World, One Long Journey Home” (The Dial Press, 2013).

  • Van

    I really enjoyed today’s show. Krys always conducts a great interview.
    Thanks for the daily entertainment on my rural route down long chalk
    roads. Leigh Newman was great and I could see why Oprah would want her
    on her staff. I feel like Newman’s Alaskan father (a bit younger
    myself) to my own little girl in a 50/50 split custody arrangement.
    Texas may not be exactly Alaska but I think some of us share the can do
    spirit with our children. I identified a lot with today’s story. It
    sounds as though she good, bad, or ugly- she never missed out on the
    adventure of life with the help of both parents. Thanks Again! Van

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