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The Politics Of Healing

Hour 1:           How are drug and treatment protocols evaluated by medical professionals and researchers and what roles do politics and business interests play in the process? We’ll spend this hour with Dr. Beatrice Golomb, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. She’ll deliver the Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology Lecture at 7:30 p.m. this evening at UT Dallas. Find more information here.

  • Darold Smith

    Thanks for this enlightening program. I am proud of this doctor taking the risk to expose this travesty in the pharmaceutical and its degradation on the efficacy, quality, and expense of quality of healthcare outcomes.

  • Charlotte Webweaver

    This woman is my hero.

  • Joleen Chambers

    I am thrilled to know about the work of Dr. Beatrice Golomb. I have volunteered as patient advocate at the federal level for 5 years to heighten patient protections from unsafe and ineffective implanted medical devices. The aggressive maneuvers of the pharma industry are nothing compared to some of the implanted medical device industry actors! The demands on ethical doctors to resist ‘branding’ can be relieved by giving patients accurate post-market information and legislating criminal penalties for knowingly marketing implants that harm patients. Thank you for airing this excellent interview.

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