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The Hidden World of Sharks

Hour 2:           From the Think Archive - What fuels the age-old human obsession, fear, and fascination with sharks? We spent an hour last April with Juliet Eilperin, environmental reporter for The Washington Post and author of “Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks” (Pantheon, 2011).

  • Philip Todd

    Demon Fish:
    I think this was a very interesting and informative program. The enthusiasm and expertise that both you and MS Eilperin brought to the discussion made me feel like one
    of the 11 year old boys she referenced. I wish I could spend a week or two or more with her and record everything she has to say.

    Often when an expert is discussing a topic I have a vision of a man in a tweed jacket smoking a pipe giving a methodical discourse of his knowledge. Such a “pipe smoking” discussion can be interesting and informative but when a person such as Ms. Eilperin
    talks, the excitement she brings is contagious and refreshing.

    I just ordered a copy of the book and can hardly wait for it to arrive. To you and Ms. Eilperin,
    thank you so very much for sharing your time, adventures and thoughts.

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