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The Pros Of ‘Onlies’

Hour 2:           What advantages might only children have compared to those from larger families? We’ll look at the pros of “onlies” this hour with culture writer Lauren Sandler, who is herself an only child and the mother of one. Her new book is “One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child, and the Joy of Being One” (Simon & Schuster, 2013).

  • Anny Wong

    how interesting that people (couples) think they’re having a second child to provide company to the first child — in my case, (i don’t know my parents’ intentions) my brother and I are only 18 months apart but we are such different personalities that we never really played much together and we never fought with each other either. Wonder how often this happens, which defeats one of the ideals of parents.

  • Anonymous

    I am on only child as is my mother. I was married to an only child and my last girlfriend was an only child as was my best boyhood friend. From my experience, it seems that only children tend to have more emotionally intense, engaged relationships than do others. I like it that way. I have either very casual interactions with others on the level of speaking to strangers just to be friendly or very close, involved relationships eschewing anything in between. In fact even in passing, people many times open up to me very easily. disclosing very intimate information and becoming very emotionally expressive with me, which I am quite comfortable with. At the same time, small talk past a minute or two bores me.

    I also notice that my mother and I are both more comfortable with friendships with the opposite sex and with people who are of the older or younger generation than our own. We both have little use for equality in politics and social issues. But our close relationships are very egalitarian including our relationship with each other. I am very close to my parents as are the other only children I have known, including my mother. Rebelling against parents strikes me as baffling and repulsive. My parents are my best friends.

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