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Seeing What Others Don’t

Hour 1:         Where are the sparks that lead to new ideas and workable innovations? We’ll talk this hour with Gary Klein, decision-making expert and author of the new book “Seeing What Others Don’t: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights” (Public Affairs, 2013).

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed today’s show, and I look forward to reading Mr. Klein’s book,
    but I’d like to make a sort of off-topic comment. During the broadcast, a
    caller quickly mentioned that Krys was recently recognized by The
    Dallas Observer as one of the area’s best interviewers. I think The
    Observer has missed the mark. She’s one of the best interviewers period.
    I’m looking forward to the not-so-distant day when Krys Boyd is
    mentioned on a national level alongside Diane Rehm.

  • Tom Murphy

    Agreed…Kris has an uncanny way of drawing out guests. Charlie Rose, watch out ;)

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