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So-Called Hospitality

Hour 2:     What’s really going on behind the formalities and pristinely kept rooms of your favorite hotels? We’ll find out this hour with Jacob Tomsky, who’s worked in the trenches of hospitality for more than a decade. His book, now out in paperback, is called “Heads In Beds: A Reckless Memoir Of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality” (Anchor Books, 2013).

  • Anonymous

    The info that Tomsky shared on this program made me want to never stay in a hotel again! It came across like the hotel personnel want to take our payment and tips… but they demand to be treated like princesses… or else they will sabotage our stay in some way. No, do your job. Do your job even if the guests don’t kiss your butt. They are paying you to do your job, not to bribe you into doing it. I don’t plan on being rude to hotel staff, but it sounds like there is an undue sense of entitlement on their part, if what Tomsky says is true. Pretty ridiculous.

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