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Less Dumb: Better Than Smart

Hour 1:        Can we become smarter and happier just by accepting how little we know? We’ll find out this hour with journalist David McRaney, who counts our feats of self-delusion in his new book “You Are Now Less Dumb” (Gotham, 2013).

  • Christopher in Denton

    Interesting discussion, esp. the notion that we tend to hate people we’ve harmed. Are you aware of the earlier history of this sentiment? Around 100 AD, the Roman historian Tacitus wrote a biography of his father-in-law Agricola, a talented general who had been unfairly punished under the tyrannical emperor Domitian. Tacitus, a very psychologically incisive writer, said of emperor’s motivation, “Proprium humani ingenii est odisse quem laeseris,” or “it is characteristic of human nature to hate he whom you have hurt.”

  • Ben

    It’s fascinating how new discoveries are hardly new. There is truly “nothing new under the sun.” Still, this episode was a fun and fascinating listen.

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