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Deep Ellum’s Strange Case

Hour 1:           What can Deep Ellum’s history and stubborn counterculture teach us about building a livable city? We’ll take a ground-level look at the neighborhood this hour with three urban problem solvers: Patrick Kennedy of Space Between Design Studio; Vicki Meek, manager of the South Dallas Cultural Center; and Brandon Castillo, who runs the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market.

  • AT

    I am a Dallas native that has been living abroad for the past few years. I’ve come home to live and find that Dallas is not very user-friendly in the ways that I’ve come to appreciate from my previous homes. Rail is sparse and doesn’t go to the places I need to go (and how about an east-west track, and/or one along the tollway?). And I highly value ‘walkability’ – it has great benefits for knowing the people in your community and for peoples’ health, and allows one to have a few drinks without driving home tipsy – but I have to live far from where I work in order to enjoy said ‘walkability.’ Finding events around town requires you to go to multiple mediocre websites that give you incomplete/inaccurate information. And heaven forbid you come to town to visit and don’t have a car! It’s such a neat city, but it puts on a bad face. Does your panel have any ideas on how to inspire the city or its citizens to improve these things? Any known plans for the future? (If read on the air, feel free to paraphrase!)

  • Conal

    Brandon- there was such an energy in the food truck night and outdoor market on main street. Any discussion of blocking off car traffic on main street permanently and allowing restaurants patios and shops spill onto the street? Thanks!

  • Scarlette Switches

    Go Brandon! Tell it like it is.

  • Scarlette Switches

    Go Brandon! Tell it like it is.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the audio clip of the local tattoo shop owner. It seems that the combo of crime and threat from the city to revitalize and improvements to the infrastructure stopped artistic progress in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s.
    I like the new ideas coming. Also, has a Main Street Plan been considered?

  • Felicia

    Well the “City Lights” Project (mixed-use retail) was supposed to happen on the vacant land off Live Oak and Good Latimer (?) but Malouf, the developmental company has gone bankrupt and the city has approved the sale to Greystar which plans to develop MORE apartments. We need retail, we need something off the highway to draw in people who in turn will delve deeper into deep ellum, etc etc etc

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