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Art From Egypt To Star Wars

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Hour 1:           In the expansive canon of Western art, which images stick and why? Camille Paglia, Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, guides us through her list of the most seminal buildings, sculptures, paintings, and digital art of Western culture this hour. She posits that avant-garde is dead and George Lucas is the greatest artist alive in “Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars” (Vintage, 2013).

  • David Caldwell


  • Chapman Kelley

    Having studied at the then thankfully very unacademic Academy in Philadelphia, in the early ’50s, I was very interested in your interview with professor Camillia Paglia.

    Her views and opinions of the current art world issues and problems for the most part are in agreement with those of the truly independent historians. It was a rare treat to hear critical differences of opinion expressed in this city so unfortunately immersed in intolerance and chauvinism.

    We are in great need of Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that “Difference of opinion leads to inquiry and inquiry to truth.”

    Thank you Krys Boyd and KERA for those moments of enlightenment.

  • Pope Ron Polyp II

    As always with Paglia, I humbly defer to the late great Molly Ivins:

    “One fashionable line of response to Paglia is to claim that even
    though she may be fundamentally off-base, she has ‘flashes of
    brilliance.’ If so, I missed them in her oceans of swill.”