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Unwarranted Anger

Think 1 Comment on Unwarranted Anger 12

Hour 1:           What sparked the culture of furor over undocumented immigration? This hour, we’ll talk with Ediberto Román, professor of law at Florida International University. His new book is “Those Damned Immigrants: America’s Hysteria over Undocumented Immigration” (NYU Press, 2013).

  • Christopher_Graves

    I am not that concerned about the legal status of non-European immigrants and I am not that concerned about whether they are from Latin America or Asia or elsewhere. The primary objection to mass immigration is the effect that it has on the social structures that provide the foundation of a civilization. Low-skill, low-cost labor certainly supplies very useful services that allow those who are more talented to specialize even more effectively in their area of giftedness and thereby increase not only total productivity but leisure time to cultivate a reflective refinement of the sciences, the arts, and philosophy. There is no question that a civilization needs a servant class or some other way to free cultural leaders of drudgery.
    But given the American propensity toward social equality, it is doubtful that we can keep non-European immigrants and their lefitst allies from exerting social and political influence that would destroy the Anglo-Saxon Protestant social, political, economic, and legal foundations of America. We have to look no further than to the last two presidential elections where non-whites elected a leftist president who openly seeks to fundamentally change the basic structures of our way of life.