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    Tricks Or Treats?

    Tonight, millions of kids will put on costumes and flood their neighborhoods in search of candy. But how have our attitudes about sweets changed over the years?

  • conference

    Of Arms And Austerity

    This week, SMU hosts a conference focused on national security and defense. We’ll explore how U.S. strategy in these fields is affected by budget restrictions.

  • Luftballong

    Falling Upwards

    What can the history of hot-air balloon adventures tell us about the resilience of imagination?

  • kimbell

    The Modern Art Invasion

    The Kimbell Art Museum is hosting a blockbuster exhibition of Modern masterpieces on loan from The Art Institute of Chicago. And many of the artists in the show can trace their fame to an important exhibition staged 100 years ago this year.

  • 20100430_jim-lehrer_33

    Jim Lehrer's JFK

    Jim Lehrer covered the Kennedy assassination for the ‘Dallas Times Herald’ before joining KERA and, ultimately, PBS. And when he’s not bringing you the news, he’s busy writing – most recently, a novel about JFK.

  • Chocolatier Prepares For Valentine's Day

    And Now, Chocolate

    We’ve got our sweet tooth primed for the last hour of our broadcast week, on occasion of the Dallas Chocolate Conference and Festival.

  • charlie-parker-08

    Early Bird

    Saxophonist Charlie Parker revolutionized the world of jazz and helped create the bebop sound. We’ll go back to his first few years on the scene with Stanley Crouch.

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