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One Crisis Away

Hour 2:       This week, KERA kicks off a new multimedia initiative called One Crisis Away, which looks at North Texas families living with asset poverty. This hour, we’ll talk about financial literacy with YWCA of Dallas CEO Jennifer Ware and Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas‘ Todd Mark.

  • Lisa

    this program has given me hope… I was divorced after 30 yrs in 2010; I was underemployed ; spousal support only lasted 30 months and was a remedial amount; I obtained a great job, though under my education and abilities, and fortunately had benefits; I had to take extended medical leave and I am now on medical disability and paying Cobra insurance premiums, due to a medical condition that has required numerous surgeries and months of recovery; One Crisis Away — no everything is a crisis… all the wheels on my wagon have come off.

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