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Grading The Teachers

Hour 1:         Dallas ISD is looking at changing the way that it evaluates its teachers, moving to a system that connects teachers’ individual compensation to the achievement of their students. We’ll find out about the district’s new Teacher Excellence Initiative this hour from DISD  superintendent Mike Miles.

  • Bob

    Mike Miles is not telling us the whole truth. Don’t let his soft spoken manner fool you. He wants the kids to have plenty of time for arts and specials yet the current directive (from him) is for art teachers to spend 75% of their time on “instruction” and 25% on projects. Art class is just another test subject at this point. Creativity is no longer a part of education in DISD. This is all in an effort to rate teachers. Can’t rate elementary art teachers unless we test the kids on art history right? The whole system of merit pay has been proven to be a failure across the country – Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, El Paso, to name a few. Even if teachers don’t cheat to get higher test scores, the end result of this policy is “teaching to the test”. The District says it’s policy is teaching critical, analytical skills but the real outcome is teaching our kids how to “game the system”. Book reports? I don’t think so, more like “if you don’t know the answer, mark C”. This interview has crumbs of truth but full helpings of falsehoods and misleading stories.

    According to Miles, kids have “absolutely no stress” and “kids don’t seem stressed, at all”. If you have a child in DISD, you know better.

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