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affordable housing

Affordable Housing In Dallas

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Hour 1:         An investigation by the federal government into Dallas’ affordable housing practices has found that the city violates civil rights laws. This hour, we’ll talk about what the allegations say about Dallas with Scott Griggs, vice chairman of the Dallas City Council housing committee, and Ken Smith, who leads the Revitalize South Dallas Coalition.]

  • I lived at Midway & LBJ for 33 years at Las Colonitas
    Condominiums built in the late 50s. We owned our units, paid HOA dues, &
    had a board that set rules for the complex. Across the street was an
    affordable, low income, HUD complex, built at the same time, within great
    schools nearby. I knew my neighbors & all of us called 911 when someone was
    breaking the law. The police who came to our HOA meetings said crime was much
    higher across the street. This year, the HUD complex was condemned. Their property manager didn’t do his job and/or money wasn’t spent to keep up the property. I would
    suggest that the new HUD housing in south Dallas have a board with city
    supervisors AND tenants who live in the complex. Let the residents help write
    the rules. Let them have a crime watch committee. Let them “own” the
    neighborhood. Good luck with the project.