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    Oil And Politics: A History

    This hour, we’ll learn how money and politics became fast friends in the Texas sun with Alan Peppard of The Dallas Morning News. His three-part series, “Islands of the Oil Kings,” concludes in this Sunday’s paper.

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    Millennial Mobility

    This hour, we’ll talk about why Millennials are more inclined to rent, borrow and share the necessities of life with Leslie Bradshaw, a managing partner with innovation company Made by Many and a researcher for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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    America’s Changing Face

    This hour, we’ll learn why increased diversity is good for the overall health of the nation with William H. Frey, author of Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America.

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    Why Are We Here?

    This hour, we’ll explore that existential question with Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist Edward O. Wilson. His book The Meaning of Human Existence was a finalist for a National Book Award this year.

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    The Best Books Of 2014

    This hour, we’ll talk about the books from this year that deserve your attention with a panel of local book reviewers.

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    Parenting Without Marriage

    This hour, we’ll talk about the affect that the trend of having kids outside of wedlock is having on children, parents and society with Isabel V. Sawhill, author of Generation Unbound: Drifting into Sex and Parenthood without Marriage.

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    How To Blend A Family

    This hour, we’ll talk about strategies for making one family out of two with Dr. George S. Glass. His new book is Blending Families Successfully: Helping Parents and Kids Navigate the Challenges so that Everyone Ends Up Happy.

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    Consumer Compulsion

    This hour, we’ll talk about the subtle ways that companies instill desire for their wares deep within us with Nir Eyal, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

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    Music To March To

    This hour, we’ll learn how African American spirituals once sung in the fields evolved into the protest songs that paved the way for equality with Baylor University associate professor Robert F. Darden.

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    The Best Movies Of 2014

    This hour, we’ll talk about which ones are worth your time and ticket money with a panel of our favorite local movie critics.

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