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At-Risk Middle Schoolers

Hour 1:         About 75,000 North Texas middle school students are considered “at-risk” – meaning they are far more likely to experience academic difficulties, leave home, commit crimes or abuse alcohol or other drugs. We’ll talk this hour about the problems middle schoolers face – and how they can be helped – with Monica Egert Smith of Communities Foundation of Texas and Rosemary Perlmeter of Teaching Trust.

  • Abbie Kopf

    Thanks to THINK for bringing awareness to our middle-schoolers! I work for Big
    Thought, the education nonprofit that Ms. Egert Smith mentioned. We primarily work with teens through afterschool programs and summer camps, which can be an incredible entry point for students who feel disengaged or disenfranchised. The school day is critically important, but so are the hours outside the classroom – in fact, kids spend about 80% of their young lives there. Part of the challenge that nonprofits face is finding ways to build upon each other’s work to connect promising in-school practices with out-of-school activities that allow middle schoolers to develop socially,
    emotionally and academically. Exchanges like these are a great start! Great
    podcast, great nonprofits, exciting possibilities.

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