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Humor And History

Hour 1:         Colin Quinn is best known for his years as the anchor of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. But he’s entertained audiences with his stand-up routines since the 1980s. His new one-man show, Unconstitutional, asks if America has turned out the way the Founding Fathers intended. We’ll talk to him about it this hour ahead of his performance Friday at the Wyly Theatre in Dallas.

  • JD Simmons

    I am not sure how accurate Mr.
    Quinn’s comment is that most Black people don’t watch SNL. I am black with a college
    education and started watching SNL while I was in prep school over 30 years
    ago. Both of my sisters are black with advanced degrees and don’t really care
    for SNL. I do know that among my friends and acquaintances that come from a very wide cross section of socio-economic and demographic backgrounds, there seems to be
    a greater percentage of people both minority and non-minority who watch SNL and
    tend to be more educated and or more intelligent than the average population of
    TV viewers. My opinion is that SNL has a greater appeal and thereby a
    more dedicated following from people with above average education and or intelligence.
    By design it is and remains an intellectually elitist comedy show.

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