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So Long To Stress

Hour 1:         Stress is something that even the calmest among us deals with from time to time. But with the right skills, this over-powering emotion can be at least kept in check. We’ll find out how this hour with Dr. Amit Sood, a stress and resiliency specialist at the Mayo Clinic. His new book is The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living (Da Capo Lifelong Books).

  • Anonymous


  • Janice Moranis

    As I was listening to your interview with Dr. Sood, I arrived at a large local shopping mall, in the rain, to make some returns. I tried some of Dr. Sood’s positive judgement techiques while running through the mall–and they worked! I am checking out the book! What a great interview…he was quite the funny guy, as well!

  • Kay Merkel Boruff

    I’m listening again to the re-broadcast. I bought the book and it is working to help creative positive judgment & happier times. When I taught, I tried similar exercises with my students in Middle School & it was beneficial in the classroom.

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