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To Tell The Truth

Hour 2:       Lies come in all shapes and sizes – from the little white ones to the whoppers. And while these fibs may temporarily get us out of a jam, the truth is that they often cause us more problems down the road. We’ll find out this hour how we can simplify our lives by being honest with neuroscientist Sam Harris, author of Lying (Four Elephants Press).

  • Cole Miner

    Krys,if you are as intelligent as I give you credit for, my guess is that you finished this discussion with your guest thinking that his beliefs are a bit naive, if not simply clouded with idealism. His suggestion that we might all be better off by telling the truth obviously has merit during the correct circumstances. But to assume that in all cases that it be applicable is simply out of this world. Imagine politicians always speaking the truth… now there’s a piece of science fiction. Or how about when a lie keeps you or family member safe from harm? I do believe that the day will come when an electronic device could unfailingly discern fact from fiction from a person’s mouth and how extremely useful it could be in a criminal courtroom trial, that the same powerful people today who would lose the most from such implementation would block its usage. And that is no lie.

  • Anonymous

    I’m simply being truthful when I say that anything that I enter here that could be traced to my personal information being used by government or commercial snoops will be erroneous and shot through with deliberate deception, OK?

    And, I will continue to throw out ideas that might be useful to the larger discussion, even as I won’t personally endorse all propositions.

    The author, I believe, fell short of his mark, by not mentioning the deliberate statements and misrepresentations by various governmental and commercial entities.

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