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Anna Quindlen © Maria Krovatin

Ask Anna

Think 1 Comment on Ask Anna 20

Hour 1:  Anna Quindlen is the author of three best-selling novels and a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist. We’ll talk to her this hour about her newest book, Still Life With Bread Crumbs: A Novel, ahead of her appearance tonight at the Dallas Museum of Art for Arts & Letters Live.]

  • skeptic_50

    These days I usually am not able to listen to the live or rebroadcat of Think. I have to rely on the blub to determine if I want to listen to the podcast or not. This is a classic example of “Why should I listen to the podcast?” I don’t know who ANna WUindlen is, does that matter? Not really if her writting if good and relevant. But here we have the titile of her new book and NOTHING ELSE ABOUT IT.. Is it a romance? A drama? A tragedy? Who knows? Fromt his blurb, I can find NO reason do download the podcast even though I multi-GB of space to store the file. I listened to the Glenn Mitchell Show for years, have almost every ‘Talk Show’ podcast and gazillions of ‘Think’ podcasts. But I am so tired of these non-informative book blurbs.