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Earth’s Climate Problems

Think 2 Comments on Earth’s Climate Problems 61

Hour 2: Our national conversation about climate change involves analyzing scientific research. But it also includes plenty of political rhetoric and emotionally-charged speech on both sides of the issue. We’ll talk this hour about the history of how we’ve talked about global warming with Emory University professor Patrick Allitt. His new book is A Climate of Crisis: America in the Age of Environmentalism (Penguin History).

  • ctby

    I thought this was a weak segment–the author made so many claims that were unsupported. A shame really because it could have been a lively conversation. Where were the smart questions Chris? This guy isn’t reading the science that I am reading. And, thinking communities can only think about the environment after they get to a certain level of affluence is just not true globally and often not so locally. That’s what the environmental justice movement is about. What he should have said, which I think can be supported, is that poor people are not in a position to fight polluters or to have their opinions weighed because they don’t have resources to fight corporate and affluent interests and authors of books and politicians write them off and out of the conversation. Oh well, that’s my two cents. Please give to Public Radio if you are reading this comment–it’s the best thing going for hearing POV…..

  • DMD

    I thought the interview was excellent, and hopeful. Professor Pallitt’s “long view” of history gives a perspective that is missing in today’s debate.