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Serving Our Seniors

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Hour 2:       Each year, tens of thousands of Texas seniors are victims of abuse and neglect. As part of Elder Abuse Prevention month, we’ll talk this hour to representatives from Adult Protective Services and the Senior Source about how we can take better care of senior citizens.

You can contact Adult Protective Services at: 1.800.252.5400,

And the Senior Source can be reached at: 214.823.5700,


  • Freddallas

    Might be a good time to post the contacts for the

    Dallas City Housing/Community Services Department

    Senior Services

    The Senior Services Program is designed to help seniors in the community to maintain the highest quality of life possible. There are approximately 150,000 residents aged 60 years and over in the city of Dallas.

    Senior Services Program functions:

    Serve as the City representative for input on various issues that affect seniors (housing, social benefits, transportation, City services, gaps in services, etc).

    Provide information, referral and case management services to older adults that involve complex issues of senior living and their well being.

    Resolve non-traditional concerns through the Senior Ombudsman staff person that may involve hoarding, issues for individuals living alone, consumer complaints, etc., that are not necessarily an emergency in nature.

    Provide staff support to the 15-member City Council appointed Senior Affairs Commission and its four (4) committees (Budget, Health, Victimization, and Older Americans Month).

    Educate and inform the public on senior resources and information through speaking to groups at conferences and seminars, and through exhibits at special events.

    Provide wheel chair ramp applications intake for seniors aged 60 and over, or the disabled. Applications are referred to Dallas Ramp Project, a 100 per cent volunteer staffed organization that rely on individual donations and corporate partners to provide funding, building materials, and facilities for their work. There is no cost for the ramp or installation. There is an approximate six (6) month ramp installation waiting period.

    Collaborate with social/human service organizations to assess aging needs and seek options to address gaps in services. Organizations include, but are not limited to, Dallas Area Agency on Aging, The Senior Source, and Adult Protective Services (elder abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect cases).Vicki D. Smith, Interim Manager214-670-4894Nelvin Murphy, Senior Ombudsman214-670-7883Vicki D. Smith, Community Outreach Specialist214-670-4894Wheelchair Ramp Applications214-670-4894Lilia V. Gonzalez, Coordinator (Bilingual)214-670-4218Hotline (Leave Messages Only)214-670-5227

  • Freddallas

    Local offices in DALLAS for APS:

    DallasDallas1050 N. Westmoreland Rd., Ste. 200
    Dallas, Texas 75211

    1050 N. Westmoreland Rd., Ste. 200
    Mail Code: 0903
    Dallas, Texas 75211APS
    (214) 331-7700

    DallasDallas2020 N. Masters Dr.
    Dallas, Texas 75217

    2020 N. Masters Dr.
    Mail Code: 2281
    Dallas, Texas 75217APS

    (972) 882-8210

    DallasDallas8700 N. Stemmons Fwy.
    Dallas, Texas 75247

    8700 N. Stemmons Fwy.
    Mail Code: 0886
    Dallas, Texas 75247APS
    (214) 951-7902

  • Freddallas

    My Great Aunt did her own planning:

    1. Updated her will
    2. Issued a Power of Attorney for her Financial Affairs to her Niece who worked for the IRS
    3. Issued a Power of Attorney for her Medical Affairs to her Nephew… me.
    4. Prepared a Living Will
    5. Placed her financial funds in the local John Edwards office with a directive to the agent in that office.
    6. Applied to an Assisted Living Center in her home town.
    7. Decided against a Trust

    8. Sat down with her Niece and Nephew… me and discussed what she wanted us to do and not do.

    When the time came, it worked liked clockwork… towards the end I suggest Hospice for her to avoid all of the hassles that I went through with my mother when she died at my sister’s home where it immediately became a crime scene.